Newfolk OGCC LLC is holding VIII International Oil and Gas Conference in Lviv in May 2021

Newfolk Oil and Gas Consulting Center is informing you about the nearest oil and gas technological event to be held in spring 2021 in Ukraine.

VІII International Oil and Gas Conference ‘COILED TUBING. HYDRAULIC FRACTURING. WELL SERVICES. GEOLOGY AND GEOPHYSICS’ will be held on 27-28 May 2021 in Lviv.

Location: Ukraine, Lviv, House of Scientists, 6 Lystopadovogo Chynu str.

Pending the event a range of conference sessions and workshops devoted to the issues of modern drilling technologies and stimulation as well as of legal, economic and political background of the industry functioning in Ukraine will be held.


20 speakers

200 delegates

100 companies

Newfolk’s OGCC track record in this sphere includes a range of successful international conferences and other events in Kyiv and Lviv in 2014-2020 that were devoted to issues of hydraulic fracturing, modern drilling technologies, tax policy, investments and other economic and legal aspects in life of our industry. For 6 years of our activities we managed to achieve the main goal having united Ukrainian oil and gas sphere into a big family to further foster their development including that is within the framework of their joint projects.
Among regular participants of conferences you will find leading Ukrainian and foreign gas producing and service companies: Ukrgasvydobuvannya, Ukrnafta, Goryzonty Drilling Company, Fidmash, Drill-Tek MWD, Nafta a.s., United Oilfield Poland, Weatherford, Baker Hughes, Brenntag Polska sp. z.o.o, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Geo-Alliance, DTEK, Denimex, Galileo Technologies S.A., H2Oil Well Services SRL, Omac Integrated LLP, Reservoir Group, Bentec GMBH, Burova Technika, Region, Endevour, Cadogan Ukraine, Burisma Group, Belorusneft and others. Many of them have established and enriched their joint fruitful and promising cooperation via Newfolk’s OGCC events.

Cost of participation (VAT 20% included):

480 EURO for the first delegate

360 EURO for each subsequent delegate

600 EURO for information and advertising package to be distributed among all the delegates (fee does not cover delivery of the materials. The materials should be provided for Newfolk OGCC beforehand in a quantity approximately 200 kits)

600 EURO for a banner of your company (fee does not include delivery or composing of the banner. Newfolk OGCC does not provide any assistance as for it)



Register your participation onlinehttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Le7DgGyoYtuRnDoKHAPRjgoIWBmtbReKffSeTpmylck/viewform?ts=60587fac&edit_requested=true 


Soon please see a project of the program of the conference here


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