The General analysis of the Ukrainian oil and gas market

According to the technical task of the Customer, marketing research "General analysis of the Ukrainian oil and gas market" is being prepared to release.

The purpose of the research - to identify common market trends, as well as main players of the market under conditions of constantly changing offer structure on the Ukrainian market of hydrocarbons and unstable demand for hydrocarbons.

The overview report on the state of the Ukrainian oil and gas market consists of sections:

  1. The General review of branch state
  2. Review of state companies.
  3. Review of private producing companies.
  4. Review of "majors" – the transnational producing companies entering the Ukrainian market.
  5. Review of the Ukrainian and international service companies.
  6. Review of service drilling oil and gas companies.
  7. Review of service oil and gas companies providing their services in drilling process.
  8. Review of service oil and gas companies providing their services in increasing of oil and gas output and stimulation of hydrocarbons production.
  9. Review of state and prospects of extraction and production of so-called "unconventional hydrocarbons".

The research contains statistics of oil and gas industry of Ukraine for 6 years and graphics illustrating the state of the branch in comparable indicators (production, market share, etc.)

The volume of research - 100 pages. The cost of research - 920 thousand UAH.

Фрагмент обзора украинского нефтегазового рынка таб

In summer 2010 after change of ownership of Cadogan Petroleum its largest shareholder has become SAE Capital Holdings S.A. company that saved Cadogan Petroleum to be liquidated. In June 2012 the Italian Eni signed an agreement with Nadra of Ukraine NJSC and Cadogan Petroleum Plc on purchase of 50.01% of Zakhidgazinvest LLC (Ivano-Frankovsk region). Zakhidgazinvest LLC owns licenses on development of nine shale gas fields in Lvov region. At the end of 2012 Eni was planning to start an exploration of shale gas in the Western Ukraine. The project of geological exploration program for 2012-2015 with budget $55 million has been already submitted to the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources.