Ukrgazdobycha and service companies discussed the coiled tubing market development prospects

The use of coiled tubing technology at the fields owned by Ukrgazdobycha PJSC proved its high efficiency. The public company is not ready to rest and already in January will announce a tender to involve external contractors. On December 15, the company’s management held a strategic session for companies concerned.

In 2017, Ukrgazdobycha PJSC performed a record number of coiled tubing operations - over 560. One should note that the efficiency of production due to such operations exceeded the target figures by 30% as of December 15 of the current year.

In 2018, Ukrgazdobycha PJSC expects to increase coiled tubing operations by involving service companies.  Starting next year, Ukrgazdobycha plans to perform 630 such operations per year. Already in January, the public company wants to announce a tender to involve five additional coiled tubing fleets with 12 months contract duration. One expects that each of the external machines will perform approximately 80 operations.

The experience of involving external contractors shows the different efficiency of service companies while performing coiled tubing operations.

Belorusneft can be given as an example. The company made a record by performing 12 operations within a month, while another contractor performed only 2 operations for the whole year.

According to Yuri Nagornyak, Production Director of Ukrgazdobycha PJSC, service companies should pay attention to cooperation with foreign companies in such areas as new technologies, engineering and modeling, equipment maintenance, downhole equipment and personnel training.

All this will facilitate to improve their market competitiveness and successfully fulfill the tasks set by the public company.

According to the representatives of Ukrgazdobycha, in the coming years there will be a growing demand for concentric pipes to operate fields with low reservoir pressure. According to the forecast, in 2019 the number of horizontal wells will be increased, which in turn will increase the need for coiled tubing to drill out rocks of multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and to normalize the bottom after fracturing in such wells.

Representatives of the oilfield services market noted positive signs regarding the coiled tubing fleet market. Following the results of this year, private producers are now more actively engaged in coiled tubing operations.

Ukrgazdobycha’s increase in operations gave impetus to the growth of fleets, which makes technology more accessible to operators of wells with low flow rate.

Representatives of the oilfield service companies expressed their readiness to invest in new coiled tubing units as early as 2018.



At the moment, the fleet of coiled tubing units of Ukrgazdobycha PJSC accounts for 9 units. Of them:

 2 units with lifting capacity of 20 tons

2 units with lifting capacity of 27 tons

1 unit with lifting capacity of 36 tons

1 unit with lifting capacity of 24 tons

1 unit with lifting capacity of 26 tons

2 units with lifting capacity of 10 tons


Three units are under repair. Most of units are used in wells in the Poltava region.

The equipment of external contractors at the moment includes Tacrom’s CT coiled tubing units with lifting capacity of 36 tons and Belorusneft’s coiled tubing units with lifting capacity of 27 tons.

Based on materials of the Yablochko newspaper