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The topic of annual industry conference is Coiled tubing. Well Stimulation. New drilling*.

The two-day program of the event is divided into thematic blocks, which include discussion of the development strategy of the oilfield services market, application of modern production intensification technologies, such as coiled tubing, snabbing and hydraulic fracturing. Questions of geological prospecting, geophysics, data interpretation and digitalization.

Traditionally, the Newfolk conference in Lviv is supported by the general sponsors of NOV Fidmash and GC Horizons.

This year Weatherford is the general partner of the conference under the creative leadership of Natalia Rudevich. The company decided to set up the session "New Drilling".

One of the features of the Lviv conference in 2018 is the organization of thematic workshops, during which participants will be able to discuss the most pressing issues and outline ways to solve emerging problems. In this format, there will be a discussion of the interaction between service companies and PJSC Ukrgazvobycha, as well as a discussion of approaches to geophysics in Ukraine. Mikhail Paduchak, Head of Drilling Department of the state company, will talk about the work with PJSC Ukrhazdobycha, and Andrei Starostin, Director of Ukrgeocenter - about new prospects of Ukrainian geophysics.

Opens the conference the report by Oleg Prokhorenko. In addition, the conference will be attended by top managers of the UGV, Alexander Romanyuk, Yuri Nagornyak, Myron Firman, and heads of subsidiaries and divisions of the state company.

Also, former graduates of Ukrainian oil and gas universities will be able to see their rectors and teachers in an informal atmosphere.

The absence of state auctions for oil and gas fields will be the topic of the report by Roman Opimach, executive director of the Association of Ukrainian Gas Producers.

Partner of the strategic session has already been identified and that is the GEO ALLIANCE group of companies. With the support of the company in the monthly analytical report "Oil and Gas of Ukraine" is heading "History of the industry", with the author of which, Oleg Mikulich, the conference participants will also be able to communicate during the event.

             The planned number of participants is about 200 people. Within two days, more than 20 thematic reports will be presented.

The number of participants in the Lviv conference increases every year. According to the guests of the conference, the organizers managed to draw attention to the main problems of the industry - resuscitation of the oilfield service market in Ukraine and to the problem of increasing hydrocarbon production by modern methods.

Among the partners of the V International Oil and Gas Conference Newfolk are NJSC Naftogaz, PJSC Ukrgazdobycha, DTEK Neftegaz, Tacrom, BTF Coiltubing.

Benefits for participants:

Qualitative Networking

The annual experience of the International Oil and Gas Conference Newfolk in Lviv proves that this format of events allows maximizing the business opportunities of companies and establishing contacts with top managers of the most famous players of the oil and gas market.


Current topics of discussion

All reports of speakers are qualitatively moderated. During the speeches, the real cases with which the companies work are considered. This is the place where E&P companies and service companies can directly discuss topical issues and conclude agreements.

Market development forecasts

Qualitative information from the leaders of the market provide the competitiveness, not only to outstrip trends but also to create new vectors for the development of the extractive industry of Ukraine.

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* within the framework of V International Conference on Coiled Tubing. Hydraulic Fracturing. Drilling Services, Geophysics