The Project team

Andrey Zakrevskiy

Director General

Engineer of oil and gas production, post-graduate of International Science and Technical University named after Academician Yuri Bugay. Director and consultant for the development of Ukrainian production and service companies (KUB-GAS, Region, Burova Technika). He is a head of The First Drilling Portal project. Area of scientific research: geophysical research in the drilling and operation of horizontal wells, environmental and economic aspects of introduction of hydraulic fracturing in depleted fields of Ukraine. Involved in studies of industrial ecology and influence of oil and gas industry on biodiversity of Ukraine. A consistent supporter of introduction of hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing technologies in Ukrainian oil and gas industry.

Iurii Mazurets

Chief Analyst, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy, Political Sciences. Specializes in analysis of foreign markets. In particular, he is an expert in European integration and role of Ukraine in European energy community. He personally conducted projects of Newfolk related to the analysis and implementation of EU Third Energy Package directives. He graduated from  Institute of International Relations Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The field of professional interests is energy independence of Ukraine.

Inna Kucherenko

Editor in Chief

Chief editor of Oil and Gas Bulletin and monthly analytical report Oil and Gas of Ukraine. Born in oil and gas family she managed to raise the monthly report to a new stage of development within a year. Specialises in modern methods of promoting goods and services of oil and gas companies.

Lyubomir Sagal

Technical editor

Technical editor of monthly analytical report Oil and Gas of Ukraine. For three years he has been responsible for visualizing analytical materials of Newfolk. As a professional photojournalist he was awarded by Ukrainian and foreign periodicals. In addition, he is responsible for holding mass events, conferences and exhibitions of Newfolk.

Mykhail Malov

Executive Director of Union of Drillers of Ukraine

Executive Director of Union of Drillers of Ukraine. He is responsible for cooperation with production and service oil and gas companies that are members of the Union. He has a higher technical education (technology of exploration of mineral deposits).