Weekly news digest April 14-20 of 2014


Oil and gas industry is coming to life, no matter that the part of the news is negative. The results of meeting in Geneva between the representatives of USA, EU, Russia and Ukraine give hope for soon regulation of political crisis and stabilization of economic situation in Ukraine. And we congratulate you on Easter, Christ has risen!

The main Ukrainian oil and gas company NJSC Naftogaz faces its traditional problems of debtors and low financial capability. Also the increase of Gazprom price from $285 to $385 and then to $485 led to the expected refusal of Ukraine to buy gas. Controvercies between Ukrainian oil-and-gas market players also create aditional risks for national energy sector.



Ukrainian companies
The Head of Chernomorneftegaz has already been replaced three times
for a month and a half – the source
For 3 months of 2014 oil production decreased by 3.4% - up to 513.2 thousand tons
Ukrgazvydobuvannya can cost more than 10 billion dollars - the Head of Naftogaz
Foreign companies
Oil and gas company Great East Energy increased its net loss 26 times
Misen Energy has nothing to do with money-washing from
The Chief Engineer of Ukrtransgaz was assigned as the Head of the company
Politics and world
Slovakia can start reverse gas supplies to Ukraine in November
The Ukrainian gas there only exists on paper, - Yatsenyuk
Canada imposed sanctions against Chernomornaftogaz