Weekly news digest February 03-09, 2014

It is understandable that officials are willing to show the scale of their global thinking, however, the actuality of such plans is rather doubtful. For example, the government confirmed its plans to increase the production of natural gas in Ukraine up to 45 BCM and decrease of its import up to 5 BCM by 2030.
The Government is finishing the process of adoption of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine up to 2030. The renewed Strategy is not very different from the previous one, except for some temporary amendments. None of the officials is responsible for the “fulfillment” of the Strategy indicators and that is why this paper is nothing more than the wish list of the officials.

Ukrainian companies
Ukrgazdobicha borrows 34 m UAH for live from Russians
Stavitskiy is going to break a record
New director of Poltava Petroleum Company is assigned
Novinskiy restructured the control over Smart-Holding
«Ukrgazdobicha» receives 34 m UAH loan
Gas from Poltava decreases in price not significantly
Foreign companies
Adam Smith Institute invites for Ukrainian Energy Forum 2014
Regal Petroleum keeps the IV quarter of 2013 level of daily production in January
Results of alternative energy in Ukraine in 2013
Shale gas is a cheap alternative to coal – ВР
Coal and gas production plants will be built in Ukraine
Polotics and the world
Eduard Stavitskiy: "Development of oil refinery is one the priority task of Ministry"
Russia decreased export custom duty for oil up to $386,3 per ton
The World bank forecasts average oil price for oil $103,5 per bbl
Dnepropetrovsk region council approves the development of oil and gas field
The Cabinet of Ministers expects the increase of gas production up to 45 BCM by 2030
Shale revolution in EU: what Gazprom shall expect?