Weekly news digest June 23-29, 2014


The last week there were several events in oil and gas industry that produced excitement of the market players. Adam Smith Ukrainian Energy Forum, one of the largest events in Ukraine, was held on Monday-Thursday. The forum was focused in oil and gas industry as 3 out of 4 days of the event were dedicated to it. Another important event the last week was launching booster compressor station (BCS) in East-Poltavskoe field that is being developed by JA of Karpatygaz and Ukfgazdobicha.

The representatives of state Ukrgazdobicha do not have a lot of reasons for being happy. Sergey Kostyuk the Chairman of Ukrgazdobicha complained to Newfolk about the financial problems of the company during private conversation.

Unfortunately, we need to state that the government is completely ignoring the needs and issues of oil and gas companies during difficult and responsible period in Ukraine.



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