Weekly news digest September 29 – October 05, 2014


Now we have a responsible and defining period in oil and gas industry in Ukraine. Last week the Deputy Minister of Finance Denys Fudashkin and the Head of Tax Service Igor Belous announced main planned amendments to the State Budget for 2015. Unfortunatelly, they are planning to keep the same rate of the fee for subsoil use for oil and gas production for 2015.

Currently, the Draft Budget is being submitted to the Parliament for review, however, due to the elections it will be voted by other parliamentarians and moreover, it may turn out that the creators of the 2015 budget will not keep their sits till the voting for this document if Verkhovna Rada.

One more important event of the last week was international conference Practical issues of hydraulic fracturing. It gathered about 50 specialists in oil and gas industry and proved that despite general situation in the industry the interest to nee technologies is not decreasing.

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