Oil and Gas of Ukraine

Oil and Gas of Ukraine is a monthly statistical survey of oil and gas market in two languages (Russian and English), including:
- Review and figures as to oil, gas and gas condensate public and private companies
- Analytical review of the key events of the month in oil and gas market
- Infographics of Ukrainian oil and gas business
Our new publication will help you:
- To keep abreast of the latest developments of oil and gas industry
- To study thoroughly your partners and competitors
- To advertise your company
- To publish interesting interviews and materials
- To announce upcoming events of the industry that you organize
* New! Rubric about Company of Month
Your company may become a company of month if it belongs to oil and gas sector and by the time an edition is to be published managed to achieve prominent success in this field. In this category you can show infographic of the company for several years.
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