The Innovation of Fuel and Energy Complex

The project «Innovation of Fuel and Energy Complex» provides the cooperation with the enterprises-producers on implementation of innovative technologies and modern equipment in the Ukrainian oil and gas industry. Search of the Ukrainian partners, consultation on the creation of joint ventures, assistance in the implementation of technology on the market - from the establishment of the enterprises to the obtaining of special permits and certificates. Oil and Gas Consulting Center Newfolk LLC takes on the function of project coordinator on the international market of new oil and gas technologies, on conducting preliminary negotiations, involving experts and preparing business plans as well as feasibility studies for the projects on assignment of the Ukrainian customers.

The special training center will operate under the project and will provide scientific and practical seminars and conferences with the participation of foreign specialists as lecturers and experts.

Besides, one of the forms of the training center activity is to train specialists of enterprises directly at their workplaces according to the special educational programs for personal growth.